Rites of Spring.


Its’ busyness, busyness, busyness that is so full of sunshine and rain and counting down the final weeks of school.

But then there is the fun of a full life that doesn’t feel like busyness.

Foraging around in the damp, still chilly, early afternoon to collect an entire drainer full of dandelion leaves for spring salad.


Making some fantastic No Knead Skillet bread for the first time. It was tasty even though I foolishly substituted plain old table salt for the fancy kosher salt that was meant to be sprinkled on top. Story of a plebe.


Dying Easter Eggs with my one and only little brother. He waited quite patiently till the very end to dye his special egg, which spent time soaking in each and every color and was the grandest experiment.


Pretty eggs. I’ve loved doing this for truly as long as I can remember.


The first canoe trip of the year!
Yes, it is a little scary transporting it on that car, but more adventure for everyone.
We were a nervous and twitchy when we first got on the water. Coming off of a long, cold Winter and our brains calling up memories of last fall when our final canoe trip was fraught with disaster and our first, second and third capsizes ever.


These weeks have been bubbling over. Fresh flowers, fresh happiness, fresh plans to appease the annual Spring rush of fresh restlessness…
Once again, the beginning of each new Season completely convinces me its my absolute favorite. So for now, hooray Spring! I love you with all my heart!

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