Starting Small


Snowed in, sleeping in, and now on my fourth cup of tea for the morning!

I love a good winter when the piles of snow and negative temperatures keep us snug inside our cozy home or bundling up for blizzard’y adventures. Being called off work and school cancellations are an automatic pass for spending the whole day in pajamas and drinking as much cocoa as you can stand.

I’ve been thinking about adventures, the way that it’s easy to talk about all the things you want to do and so much harder to have the gumption or the funds to do them. This is the double advantage of starting small! After spending all of Saturday afternoon and evening on the couches watching snow fall Levi was feeling quite cabin feverish. Nothing to fix cabin fever like a glass of cold water and a barefoot scamper in a few feet of snow! So simple, short, and fun. We were laughing for a good five minutes after we came inside. A homemade sauna of warm house and freezing snow. It’s amazing how neat and adventurous it can make you feel just to do something unexpected.

We went skiing yesterday as well, a bigger kind of adventure and requiring a little more funding but still an easy path to wonder and delight. As I came bombing down the slope, the wind blowing tears out of my eyes and burning its rosiness onto my face I felt the unmistakeable excitement of being part of something bigger just a little bit out of control. Now this feeling is not necessarily the best one to have while skiing, but it is full of the addicting flavor of adventure.

I enjoy being reminded that it’s possible to find these small adventures. It keeps me content during the times of my life that are filled with school, homework, and responsibilities.

How do you keep your life interesting?