More fun Winter Weather Words


All across Ohio schools are closing and people are rushing for their thermal socks in expectation of record breaking temperatures. This week is predicted to be the coldest in 20 years. It has been a little hard to believe as a nasty slush rain washed away most of what remained of our snow this evening. But the Polar Vortex is coming!

I didn’t know the term before today, but it is just fantastic. Wikipedia told me that polar vortices are the swirling, icy cyclones that sit on top of Earth’s poles (Not, in fact, a polar bear version of a Sharknado like my brother suggested). This particular year all the stars and weather systems have aligned for the Northern Polar Vortex to reach abnormally far south.  And so it is that in central Ohio we have reached the dangerous possibility of developing frostbite with as little as five minutes of exposure. Exciting!

So it will be another lazy week with pot after pot of tea and too much Netflix. We celebrated tonight by dying our pizza crust blue, because Polar things should be blue. And just to add some excitement to life.

I’ve learned this week that winter weather is much more sinister than the summer kind. Why else would they use ominous names like Hercules and Polar Vortex?

Hey there Hercules


So apparently they’re naming winter storms now. I was introduced to this fact on my way home from a family trip to Indiana yesterday to visit our missing sister and brother in law and two outstandingly adorable nephews.

We set out from chilly Ohio soon after 8 am, cozily piled in a borrowed 12 passenger van. There’s not a whole lot of captivating scenery on the drive from one flat Midwestern state to another so we mostly slept and read and listened to music. Our warm breath turned to smokey frost on the cool van windows and we started so see a scattering of snow along the highway as we headed north.

We crawled from the van a few hours later for some joyous reunions. For me this “joyous reunion” involved a lot of snow in my shoes, bloody knees and a headlong sprawl across a muddy driveway. She had shouted for me to stop running before I slipped and broke my face. I didn’t listen. The others were a little less enthusiastic in their approach, but still overjoyed to be together and get to know the newest little munchkin of the family.

After a lazy afternoon of coffee that could probably slay a horse, treats, treasures and good company we set off for home, and were introduced to the newest member of our winter expedition: Hercules. He liked us so much he would not leave, and kept us company for the first 5 hours of our 4 and a half hour long trip. Oh Hercules. He did make the trip seem kind of peaceful though. We rumbled along through snow and slush in our warm cocoon of frosty windows and the whole world outside was white and misty and quiet.

We outran him by the time we got home but I guess he knew our address because I woke up this morning to the softest, nicest pillowy blanket of snow covering everything outside. Now that Hercules doesn’t run the risk of pushing us off the road into a bank he is a good friend again and I’m happy to have him stay as long as he likes.